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states. if we also take you back now and look, if president obama can win without florida absolutely possible, but again, the key for president obama is going to be ohio. you have florida and virginia to romney. he's at 248, obama 243. colorado leaning toward romney. now give obama new hampshire where he is favored, wisconsin where he is favored. give him iowa, just 263. then we are looking on election night to that all-important state of ohio, obama at 281. if you gave that to romney, look at that, 275-263. that's why it is so key. what is the one state that could keep us up at night? let's look out west. we've been giving it to mitt romney colorado. watch what happens if we give romney florida, virginia, ohio. he's at 266. president obama, what does he need? new hampshire, wisconsin, iowa, all places he's favored and look at the one place that's keeping us up at night, western state, mountain time zone, late closing time, 266, 263, nine electoral votes there could swing it one way or the other. let's look at one last scenario where we could have ourselves a tie. president obama out
? >> if it were held today, mitt romney would win florida. >> president obama is going to lose it and he won in '08. why do you think he is going to lose it? >> he won the vote from women and independents pretty handily in 2008 and he is neck and neck with women and independents are leaning pretty strong towards mitt romney. i think that's because, victor, people wanted hope and change in 2008. it's much different to run on a record than it is to run on promises. right now we know one-third of the american labor pool is out of work. the net worth of american families plummeted 40% and americans are watching the president, we feel mislead us, on very important issues such as benghazi. >> you say that americans want the hope and change. how can both republicans or people who are voting for mitt romney if they're independents say that things have changed too much. they "want their country back." but they still didn't get change. how can you have the argument both ways? >> that's easy, victor, that's easy. republicans never wanted president obama's hope and change. democrats and independents did
, governor romney holding three rallies in florida, and president obama stopped in new hampshire and talk about his promise for the future. >> the unemployment rate is falling. manufacturing, coming back to our shores. our assembly lines are humming again. housing prices are starting to pick up. housing starts are on the move. we have a lot of work to do but, new hampshire, the country has come too far for us to turn back now. >> governor romney holding three rallies across florida today where he is calling for more partisan cooperation in washington. i'll see you again on the fox news channel at 6:00 eastern. right now we go back to "the journal editorial report",. >> welcome would to journal -- "the journal editorial report." aisle paul gigot. the election focuses on a mall group of key states but not the states either campaign or the political pundits might have expected. wisconsin, pennsylvania, and michigan, all of which president obama carried by double digits in 2008. my guess this week says mitt romney may have suburban voters to thank. michael, great to have you back. >> it's go
. and vice president biden was supposed to be in virginia beach today but had to call it off. president obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. ncht >>> ohio will be the focus over the next ten days and the latest cnn/orc poll shows why. obama is leading 50% to 46% basically unchanged since earlier this month and well within the poll's sampling error. we're going to spend a lot of time this hour hearing from the first lady, michelle obama, and mitt romney's wife, ann romney. two fascinating women and strong advocates for their successful and ambitious husbands. at the bottom of the hour we'll bring you a special of "the journey of ann romney." she tells our own gloria borger that some people have the wrong impression of her husband. >> there are a lot of charges about your husband. one of them is that he's somebody who has no core. that he's been on both sides of a lot of issues. >> and that's just to me like the most false charge there is. because i know his core. >> what is his core? >> honesty, integrity, decency, intelligence, conviction to doing the right thing. for me i've seen that in eve
for the obama campaign. we know, we have been through it before, every vote counts, florida, 5,230, every vote counts, this state couldn't be tighter, 48-48. >> i had a couple of days, i went and voted. i got that out of the way. it was packed, i was surprised. thank you, john avalon, see you soon. >>> all right, coming up, three teens in two separate cases arrested for murder. and in both cases they were turned into the police by their mom. >>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, talk about determination, actor -- two and a half year campaign, a seattle man finally convinces '80s rocker, billy idol, to play his birthday party. we'll talk to him in just a moment. >>> why don't we like being scared? i'm going to say you, i don't like to be scared. those shows get high ratings, like walking dead. all that. and people make big money to get scared at haunted houses. like these people, these are pictures from nightmares, fear factor, in niagra falls, canada. why do we like this? when you see those pictures, i don't know if you can see this. it looks ridiculous. >> i have some of those of me on roller coasters. >>
obama campaigns in florida tomorrow. italy's former prime minister says he may jump back into politics despite his conviction for tax evasion. he says he wants to reform the justice syte
in florida. david axelrod still seems confident of a obama win leaving romney to place to go. in my view we have got the lead and the ball. the question is how does he change that now. maybe so, but the job numbers that come out the friday before the election still have the potential to change the dynamics in this very tight race. for administer on this speech the every tightens polls i'm joined by christia freeland digital editor at thomson reuters and author of "plutocrats." and by robert scheer editor at truth and author of "the great american stick up up:show reagan republicans and clinton democrats enriched wall street while mugging main street street." rapid plus expeditious equals major. >> romney seems to be pivoting so far that he's presenting himself as obama 2008. that's what we heard in the foreign policy debate. and what was striking for me today is how often he referred to positively to the obama of 2008, and how he tried to sort of seize the mantle that obama claimed in 2008. he used the word "change" so many times. that wasn't an accident. he talked talked about how
with us. if you look at some of the classrooms in florida, that number president obama said, 537, there are classrooms at the university of florida larger than that. thinking a single class at the university of florida going out to vote can make the difference who is going to lead in our country for the next four years. we are pretty much working every single day to make sure we can get and talk to every single student to encourage them to get out to vote early. >> katie, these final days of the campaign, president obama making several stops. you saw mtv there, these stops geared toward young audiences. in addition, mtv, "the tonight show" earlier this week, "the daily show" last week. governor romney hasn't appeared on late night tv since march. he's not doing cool interviews with jon stewart and any other folks you kids enjoy so much. why not? what do you think gives there? >> i think that he is trying to reach the young voters in other ways. just yesterday his wife anne stopped in gainesville. i got to meet with her. he's letting his message sink in other ways. he is focusing
in florida, with senator marco rubio, paul ryan's bus tour is crisscrossing ohio. president obama visits new hampshire this afternoon. and vice president biden will attend a rally in lynchburg, virginia. let's get right to it. nbc's mike viqueira is joining us from the white house. good saturday morning to you. >> hi, alex. >> first before we get to this president's trip north. is tropical storm sandy affecting any of the white house plans? >> it certainly is. you've heard this phrase, we're familiar with it, an abundance of caution. that's what you're seeing from some of the campaigns today. vice president biden was set to appear in virginia beach right along the coastline with his wife dr. jill biden and son beau biden. that event has been canceled. meanwhile michelle obama, the first lady, was due in new hampshire on tuesday. out of again abundance of caution they have canceled, postponed that event. mitt romney was due in virginia beach where joe biden was supposed to be today. they postponed that event. they've altered their schedules. they're going to be appearing elsewhere. you mentio
to be president of the united states. mitt romney criss crossing florida and president obama in new hampshire. swing state saturday. governor romny. and fox report courting undecided voters. and a local reporter hits the commander in chief with the big question on libya and what happened on the ground as the u.s. consulate was under attack by terrorist. were they denied help in the attack. we are finding out exactly what happened. also preparing for sandy. some 65 million americans in the projected path. i am not trying to be that way. i want them to be safe taking no chances. governors mobilizing every resource available and tracking the hurricane. the mara thon sprint by governor romny and president obama. and the race taking a tour. governor romney cancelling all event necessary virginia and will join his running mate congressman ryan in ohio. biden cancelled in virginia beach. a lot happening in politics including a live event we'll bring you as it happens. governor romney is in florida at this hour. and chief white house corpondant -- correspondant in new hampshire will keep you up to da
más reñidos, mitt romney ganaria florida, carolina del norte , virginia tiene ventaka . >> el presidente barack obama en nevada, iowa, pensilvania y deja dos estados claves, ohio y vemos un poco más , aquí el estado de colorado con 9 votos y ohio con 18 votos, los dos lugares que podrían definir las elecciones . >> colorado 13% hispano de quien vta, . >> así las cosas en la recta final, nosotros vamos a una pausa, hablaremos de los narcoempresario y también una visita con el chacal de la trompeta más al regreso . >> [♪ ♪] . >> . >> [♪ ♪] . >> el ex dirigente del primera pide que sean castigados empresarios por narcotráfico , les contamos porque en el caso del asesinato de su hijo los narcotraficantes usaron la ley del ojo por ojo . >> rompe el duelo el gobernador y dice que es por venganza, . >> de uno de los líderes de los z , el z 40 que quedo en lazca, el ex gobernador dijo que al viejo estilo del oeste los criminales usan el ojo por ojo . >> oficialmente me lo dijo, lo mataron por el z 40 . >> también dice que el lazca , estaba con las empresas de car
report." wifeless than two weeks to go, president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail in florida, ohio, wisconsin, colorado, and virginia. polls continue to show the race in a dead heat nationally, and too close to call, in no fewer than ten swing states but the obama campaign and its media allies are questioning whether mitt romney's recent momentum is real. joining the panel his week, dan henning gary, james freeman, dorothy rabinowitz and kim strassel. kim, tell us how real the romney surge is. >> look, paul, i know two weeks is one side increasing its advantage in both the national polls and the swing state polls. that's romney. we have seen money flowing into that side. that's romney. we have seen him improve his performance in independents and womens. you can call it what you want and the media contends it isn't momentum but i bet the president's campaign is wishing they that that momentum. >> to that point, yes, the obama campaign wishes it had some of that momentum because i tell you what really going on. the president is flatlining. >> i think he hit a ceiling for two re
jobs that business creates. >> well, today mitt romney's campaigning in florida. president obama's campaigning in new hampshire. >>> tonight the des moines register will announce its endorcement in the presidential race. the last republican to earn a register endorcement was richard nixon in 1972. our colleague richard lui is joining us now. both side have been spending a lot of time and money here, right? >> oh, yes, alex. good morning to you. if time and money talks both campaigns are screaming in iowa. in five months they visited 50 times. president obama 15, governor romney 12. the catholic veep candidates truck there as well 20 times. that's a nod to the state's catholic swing vote. cash flows freely here as well. ad spending is the second highest in the country. $22 per person. florida and ohio with up to five times more electoral votes have as little as half that amount per person. now, the more they've invested the tighter the race has gotten. last month the real clear average had them virtually tied. now the president is up by two points and trending flat or declining wi
. mitt romney's in florida. will hold an event in pensacola later this hour. meanwhile the obama camp has released a new ad taking aim at mr. romney's economic plan. >> in here it's just you. no ads, no debates, just you. so think about this. mitt romney's plan rolls back regulations on the banks that crashed our economy. medicare voucherized. >> president obama also talking about avoiding the fiscal cliff which would trigger tax hikes and spending cuts two short months from now. he says he wants to work with congressional republicans on it. >> i've said to folks, i'll go to capitol hill. i'll wash john boehner's car. i'll walk mitch mcconnell's dog. i'll do whatever is required to get this done. >> president obama heads to new hampshire a bit later today for a stop in nashua. vice president biden is scheduled to hold an event in lynch burg, virginia. >>> now we go to ohio where nbc's ron mott is on that bus tour with paul ryan. hello to you ron again. where are you in the many stops on that bus tour today? >> reporter: hey there, alex. i've got to get my back stretched out. we've got fiv
take it upon themselves to do this kind of work. host: in florida, the campaign field office, the obama field offices are about 106 in florida compared to mitt romney's 100 -- compared to 47. pensacola, fla., on our line for independents. caller: good morning, host: talk to us about ground games in florida. caller: one of the things i have noticed that in 2008, you saw a lot of mccain bumper stickers. you don't hardly see any romney or barack obama bumper stickers. this is in the northwest florida area. me and my wife or independents and we want to find out more information about each candidate's. my wife pointed out that met run the -- mitt romney spent a lot of money on his own campaign. we look at how much barack obama is spending on his campaign. it is disturbing for individual spending this much money to become president. they will not make that much money as president. mitt romney is a businessman and i think he wants to get a return on the money he spends. guest: mitt romney did spend a lot of his money on his own campaign in 2008 but that is not the case this year. it has all th
. >>ambos candidatos imprimen fuerza a sus respectivas campañas, barak obama llego a hampshire. >>por su parte mitt romney se reunio con seguidores en tres ciudad, la florida uno de los platos fuertes con 29 votos electorales uno de los más disputados con ohio. >>la totalidad de la atención se ha centrado en los aspirantes, pero hay una lista más grande de aspirantes. >>los nombres sdel presidente barak obama quien busca la reeleccion, y mitt romney, son los unicos que conocemos, pero no son todos los que apareceran en la boleta, también nombres de tom hoflin, partido independiente, doctora candidata del partido verde de quien no se sabe nada. >>se da énfasis a aquellos dos que tienen posibilidad de ganar. >>es difícil para los aspirantes que no cuentan con miles de dólares llegar a la mucha suertea. >>la visibilidad de un candidato depende de la capacidad para distruibuir su mensajes, y eso es dinero. >>no se sorprenda si a la hora de ir a votar ,se encuentra nombres de mujeres y hombres completamente desconocidos. cabe mencionar que hay un centenar de candidatos autorizados, cuy
by a couple of points. but you can't take it for granted here in florida. at this speech, he will build on the themes he talked about everything. he is adopting a lot of what president obama was saying. big change is needed from the next administration and because there was a huge military presence egegland air force base and pensacola naval station, he would talk about the potential defense cuts under sequestration and obama trimming back. we are about to hit the national anthem and i probably shouldn't talk over that. and another significant thing happening today. early voting begins in florida today. get out and vote before election day. historically republicans had the edge with absentee vote and democrats had the vote with them voting early. >> john, thank you very much and continue our live team coverage with ed henry in new hampshire with the obama campaign. ed, what can you tell us. >> this is part of the president's final case to the american people. and monday is putting the pedal to the medal and he will be down in florida and starting and going late sunday and be down there
in florida hitting several cities in pensacola, kiss semi and land o lakes this evening. president obama will be in nas wa, new hampshire, where james taylor who happens to be from the new england area, will be making an appearance on behalf of the president. cnn white house correspondent brianna keilar is live in new hampshire where the action is set to start there in a couple hours. people already taking their seats in advantage of the president's arrival. new hampshire, carries just four electoral votes but why is it so important for the president to try to clench that state? >> because the obama campaign, fred, thinks this is going to be a nail biter and observers agree with them this is going to be a close race. four little electoral votes could really matter. taking a look at the polls, here in new hampshire, president obama has maintained a small lead, but it's within the margin of error on most polls so you can say statistically that mitt romney and president obama are tied and so we've seen president obama pay a lot of attention to this little state. he's been here ten times thi
ballots. this morning florida open doors to early voting. president obama and mitt romney spent a lost time campaigning there. one couple spent the night to be the first to cast their ballots. >> to lead by example and hope that others will follow suit. >> voting early has advantages. no long lines and you can go to any polling place in your county and you have time to go through the long payments of decisions to make on the ballot. >> penn state had a development. the university board of trustees passed the resolution yesterday. they expect claims likely reaching into the millions. jerry sandusky was sentenced necessary sexually abusing ten boys. still ahead, giants world coverage continues from detoit. >> in detroit at comerica park, we have a live report coming upon. at their team hotel as we stacked them high. the world series ticket allotment. you have to see this. it's amaziinamazing. it's a treasure troph. ♪ ♪ we were skipping stones ♪ and letting go ♪ over the river and down the road ♪ [ female announcer ] at nature valley, we know nature comes together in amazing way
aguando la campaÑa presidencial en momentos que el presidente barack obama imiy mitt romney Án empatados en las encuestas. romney tuvo que kacancelar even en virginia. y el presidente visitara tentativamente virginia, florida y ohio. las que no se detienen son las encuestas nos explica lourdes. >>> anda rondando el fantasma del 2000 cuando george bush gaÓo la no Árida y la elecciÓn por 537 votos, mientras al gore gaÓo el voto popular. en el 2012, la florida es clave y no hay claras seÑales de quien va la delantera. segÚn el promedio de encuestas, como carros en una montaÑa rusa, las campaÑas tienen altibajos y al comienzo de septiembre, los candidatos casi chocan, por su escasa distancia de una dÉcima de punto. 46. 4% obama y 46,3% romney. ahora romney aventaja a obama 47. 9%. con 47% para el presidente, menos de un punto. >>> los candidatos estÁn empatados en la predicciÓn de voto de las encuestas. las diferencias no son estadÍsticamente significativas. cada voto cuenta. el titular prado cionalmente suele llevar la ventaja. >>> casi siempre el presidente va a la reelecciÓn
, which you do, you know he is going to carry ohio. >> reporter: but if romney takes ohio and florida, north carolina, virginia, he could win. but so could president obama, even if romney wins ohio and those other states. the tiebreaker would be colorado. whoever wins colorado in that one scenario wins the white house. and raj and jesse, in the latest about in news poll, colorado was tied. back to you. >> thank you very much, steve. >>> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and it's supposed to be beautiful. we're here. the weekend is here. >> i know, i know. this is good timing for a lot of us here as that doppler radar scans around, finding dry conditions across the greater northern california region. and one of the things that really helped to get all this sunshine in here, not only inland, but at the coast is this wind out of the north, and also slightly offshore about 5 to 10 miles per hour. that's all we needed to give us some 70s here across the bay area. 74 in concord right now. 75 in livermore, and 76 in santa rosa. and if you like, this as raj was hinting at,
are here in battleground florida, where the presidential polls show mitt romney and barack obama running in a statistical dead heat. so for the campaigns, it's now all about the ground game. they're trying to get their supporters to the polls and get them there early. today is the first day of in-person early voting here in the sunshine state. no shortage of organizations working to get people to vote as soon as they can here. earlier today, i had a chance to talk with a few of the folks who decided to cast their ballots on this first day of voting. >> i work, and i don't want to be in all of the waiting and the lines and everything. >> i was with my mom, and she decided to go early, and i wanted to vote so, i went with her. >> i think i'm working election day. so i figured i'd come out a little early, get it done now. >> we'll have much more on the impact of early voting coming up here in just a few moments. >>> first, though, the very latest on hurricane sandy. we'll get to the hurricane in just a moment, though. let's go to the political headlines. we'll come back to hurricane sandy i
publicly, anderson. he was supposed to head out to travel on monday to florida. his first stop. he's now going to be traveling on monday, as you know michelle obama canceled a new hampshire appearance on monday or pardon me, tuesday, because of weather concerns. vice president joe biden was supposed to be heading to virginia beach tomorrow. he's canceled that. so i think we shouldn't be surprised. they're keeping their eye on the storm and i would expect we'll be seeing more changes. >>> let us know what you think. follow me on twitter. i'm tweeting tonight. >>> more raw politics next, starting with who's got the enthusiasm edge. four years ago, obama voters were fired up ready to go. four years later, are voters fired up to fire him? gary tuchman takes the pulse. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so th
, obama will head to the florida institute of technology. in about half an hour, we will take you live to lynchburg for the event with vice-president joe biden and his wife. until then, a look at the battleground state of north carolina from this morning's "washington journal. tell us what makes north carolina battleground state. guest: traditionally, it has been a red state. it is moving more and more into a competitive state, and there are several reasons why. one of the things our organization does is ask every year the voters where they stand in terms of conservative level. only florida and virginia, in terms of southern states, are to the left, so it is pretty divided. it also has political progressives, so it has been pretty much a modern state traditionally. there has been a tremendous influx of people from around the country. particularly in the big metropolitan areas, and none has been changing the politics over the years. in addition, it has a significant african-american population. 22% is african american, which is the largest african-american population in about ground. al
has canceled his trip to virginia beach, still scheduled to campaign today in florida. president obama's campaign had no plans to cancel his trips to new hampshire today. the president did move up, though, a planned trip to orlando to sunday. >>> president obama devoted his weekly video address to a consumer watch dog group he helped create to protect people's credit scores. >> the companies that put your credit score together can make mistakes. they may think you had a loan or a credit card that was never yours. they may think you were late making a payment, when you were on time. and when they mess up, you are the one who suffers. >> the president says if you have a complaint about your credit score, you can tell the consumer watch dog group about it at [ crowd cheering ] >>> republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan began a two-day trip through ohio this morning. he spoke at a rally at a construction equipment company in philadelphia. the wisconsin congressman told the crowd president obama has not revived the economy, but mitt romney can, becau
for the candidates. the race right now is as tight as it comes. the latest poll has romney at 48%, president obama at 47%. so essentially we're talking about a dead heat. cnn political editor paul joins me now with more. he's live in pensacola, florida, one of the critical swing states in this election. mitt romney is headed your way today in hopes of winning over undecided voters there, paul. but how close is it politically in the sunshine state right now? >> reporter: it is very close in the sunshine state. in fact, take a look at this, christi. this is the most recent poll we did about a week ago. you can't get much closer among likely voters. mitt romney with a one-point edge, but that's all tied up in the sampling error. this is the first of three stops today for mitt romney across the state. he'll be campaigning with marco rubio, the popular freshman senator here in florida. we had this up on our website you can see how much attention florida is getting. both the candidates made well over 20 trips each here to the sunshine state since the start of the general election back in april.
in florida. this has the candidates trying to convince undecideds to vote for him. >> and president obama is kicking off a week of can paining -- campaigning. the granite state has four electoral votes, but with the election so tight, the president is taking nothing for grabted in -- granted in the state he won in 2008. ed henry is traveling with the president live in new hampshire. how is it looking there,ed? >> it is a microcosm of the country. he carried the state by a big lead. this time if you look at the clear poll i can its, the president is leading by 1.3 points. it gives you an idea of how tight it is. what is he doing? he was out meeting with local teamsters and trying to fire up his liberal base. it is a two-pronged attack against mitt romney and hitting them in a new ad called remember. he lays out some of the conservative positions that mitt rom thee took in the primaries and is now trying to moderate and move to the middle if you will. he is mass masquerading the real position. the second line of attack is the new line. the president was going back and looking at his record
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 82 (some duplicates have been removed)